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School of Environmental Cleanliness

School of Environmental Cleanliness


A. BackgroundOften we hear the slogans in various places, especially in sekoloah, that it invites us to maintain a healthy environment.

But the slogan was not we care about, the slogan was functioning only as mere decoration without any content, whereas the content of a slogan is very important for us. Many slogan that invites us to maintain cleanliness, but what reality? Students still littering, besides these students also tore up the paper in class and when eating a snack in the wrapper removal also in the A, although in places it has bins.

Of course we do not want our schools to be dirty, grungy and full of rubbish. Besides the waste we throw away carelessly earlier can also pollute the environment, both in the classroom and outside the classroom and can also cause learning environment we are comfortable.

B. Discussion destinationOn the topic of this time, we want to build a vital role in creating a healthy environment. Because, when a healthy environment then all living beings that exist around us will be able to breathe properly. Especially we as students can receive learning materials properly. Because if the classrooms are clean, the air must be cool. And therefore the brain can function perfectly and usefulness.

The brain can work quickly. If healthy and clean environment, the brain can work faster than any of the objects ever. Because the brain has millions - millions of stimuli that covers and protects the brain so that the brain can work with the maximum.At least, with the police, we also have to preserve and maintain and appreciate our talents in science and technology. Because successful people must have come from a clean and healthy environment. So that he can focus on learning he received.


There are some important issues that should be discussed in this paper, are:1) Clean environment encouraging studentsIn every aspect and behavior of students must be seen from her habit every day. So with the class even though the school environment. When the school and classroom environments including classrooms clean and organized as well - well, then the motivation to learn timbulpun will invite friends - friends to follow the spirit of the learning.

2) Clean environment into schools of excellenceWe know that the cleanliness of the school environment also have a big impact for students and even more so for the school itself. Because everyone would investigate the situation and to the school before a student is in school. So, to maintain the good name of the school, each driving - driving must maintain the cleanliness and comfort at school and school safety. Advance for students / student at SMP Negeri 1 Dolok Panribuan.

3) Conduct a school mirrorIn every aspect, the behavior of an individual affects his future character. Thus, the school was rated by the local community with a variety of characteristics of a person's view of students and a group of students at SMP Negeri 1 Dolok Panribuan. This is called the mirror of personality. That shows the characteristics of a student at SMP Negeri 1 Dolok Panribuan.

4) Cleanliness can facilitate human brainWe need to know that the environment is clean or not largely affect the human brain. Because oxygen in the form of O2 is inhaled through the lungs - pulmonary mostly serves to facilitate the circulation of blood through the human brain neurons. This has always been feared by humans. So they can keep the environment clean disekitarya.

5) Planting trees for the environmentReplanting of trees or the most synonymous with greening can influence the amount of oxygen that can be inhaled by humans. When a tree is planted on the school - a shady tree, then in that place there is certainly plenty of clean, fresh oxygen. And trees - trees can also reduce pollution and direct sunlight.

* Learning TheoriesAccording Sukmadinata (2004: 167) learning theories derived from theory or stream - stream psychology. Broadly speaking there are three large clumps known psychology, namely: the theory of mental discipline, behaviorism, and cognitive-gestalt - field.

1. The theory of mental disciplineAccording to the psychology of the individual clumps have the power capability or potential certain. Learning is the development of the forces and capabilities such potential. How is the process of developing those strengths of each flow or theory put forward different views.

2. The theory of behaviorismClumps of this theory called behaviorism because it emphasizes the behavior or behavior that can be observed. Theories in this family are molecular, because looking at the lives of individuals composed of elements like molecules.

3. The theory of cognitive-gestalt-fieldClumps third is cognitive-gestalt-field. If behaviorism is molecular clumps (emphasizing the elements), the clumps are molars or be whole and integrity. Cognitive theory, developed by cognitive psychologists, in contrast to behaviorism theory, that the master of human life is knowing (knowing) and not a response.

However, it is necessary to start all we know in advance how the principles of the system, where there are differences in approach and the top-down paradigm of bottom-up paradigm in different layers. Among the educational system paradigm of top-down approaches such as determining the provision for learners cultivate whereas the bottom-up paradigm of basic rules and ensure the availability of resources.

In the system of management by top-down paradigm must be able to demonstrate operational instructions while the bottom-up paradigm only provide the information and resources necessary to set without the need to show operational guidance. In the top-down paradigm and learning systems must be able to carry out the directions and oversee that everything is in accordance with the instructions. But according to the bottom-up paradigm of teaching and learning system should be able to design the first guidelines to be implemented and managing learning resources in order to attract students so that the students' learning experience that is able to solve learning problems. Unlike the top-down paradigm where the learning experience of students only respond to the lesson.After understanding the paradigm of top-down and bottom-up then a teacher in the use of effective educational media, should have sufficient knowledge and understanding of media education / teaching. Knowledge according Oemar Hamalik (1985: 16), in Asnawir & Usman (2002: 18):

The media as a communication tool in order to further streamline the learning process,
The media serves as a tool to achieve educational goals,
The use of media in teaching and learning,
The relationship between the methods of teaching with educational methods,
The value and benefits of educational media,
Choosing and using educational media,
Knowing the different types of educational media tools and techniques,
Knowing the use of educational media in each subject taught,
Make efforts innovations in media education. Because it is the medium of education is very important to achieving the goal of pendidikian menungjang itself.The environment is something natural phenomena around us, where there is interaction between biotic (living) and abiotic factors (non-living). Environment provides a stimulus (stimulus) to the individual and the individual otherwise respond to the environment. In the process of interaction that can occur in the form of a change in individual behavior change laku.Oemar Hamalik (2004: 194) in his theory of "Back to Nature" shows how important natural influences on the development of learners.

According Oemar Hamalik (2004: 195) Environment (environment) as a basis for teaching is conditional factors that influence individual behavior and learning is an important factor. Environment that is around us can serve as a learning resource. Environment includes: Communities around the school; physical environment around the school, the remaining ingredients or unused and used materials and when processed can be used as a source or a tool in learning, and natural events and the events that happen in the community.

So media learning environment is an understanding of a particular symptom or behavior of an object or a scientific observation about something that is in teaching students about the material before and after receiving materials from the school by bringing experiences and discoveries with what they encounter in their environment. With the use of the environment as a medium of learning is the teacher hopes students will be more familiar with the environment that fosters the love of the surrounding environment. The first step to do (Asnawir & Usman, 2002: 109):

School yard planted with herbs and flowers;
Bringing plants and animals into the classroom;
Strive to collect grass and leaves (herbarium), insects (Insectarium), fish and other aquatic (aquarium);

4. Using rocks and shellfish, all of these can be used as a source of learning.Utilization of the environment as a medium of learning is more meaningful because the students are confronted with the actual events and circumstances naturally, making it more real, more factual, and truth can be justified. Many of the benefits derived from the activities of learning environments in the learning process (Sudjana & Rivai, 2002: 208):

Learning more interesting and not boring the students sitting in a classroom for hours, so that students' motivation will be higher,
The nature of learning will be more meaningful because the students are confronted with a situation and the actual situation or are natural,
Materials that can be studied richer and more factual that its truth is more accurate,
Learning is more comprehensive and more active because it can be done in various ways such as observing, questioning or interview, to prove or demonstrate, examine the facts,
Learning resources are richer because the environment that can be learned can be varied as a social environment, natural environment, the built environment, etc., and students to understand and appreciate the aspects of life that exist in their environment, so as to form a personal familiar with the life around, and can foster a love of the environment.
In addition to utilizing the environment must meet certain conditions including:
Must comply with the outlines of the teaching program,
Can attract the attention of students,
Live and thrive in the midst of society,
Children can develop skills to interact with the environment,
Closely related to the students, and
Can develop students' knowledge and experience.

Basically reporting of learning outcomes is an activity to communicate and explain the results of the assessment of a teacher's student growth. Then the information about the assessment process and the learning outcomes and teaching outcomes in the form of control indicator set, by learners get the results of this assessment can be used as a means to motivate students in learning achievement, in order to improve the quality of learning. The form reports the results of an assessment process and learning outcomes include cognitive, affective, and psychomotor Haryati (2007: 115)According Sudjana (2002: 45) in the teaching-learning process, the type of learning outcomes expected to be achieved by students is important to know the teacher, so the teacher can design or redesign teaching accurately and meaningfully. Each teaching-learning process success is measured by how far the learning outcomes achieved by students, as well as measured in terms of the process. That is, how much the type of the student learning outcomes. Type of learning outcomes should be seen in the goals that will be achieved by the process of teaching and learning.


Environment is one of the place or vehicle to be used as a medium of learning in the learning process, being able to generate interest and stimulate them to do and prove it. It is very well done and fits in the subjects of biology, because the students understanding of the biology is the science of recitation and of no value for life and also as a result of the learning experience that is verbalistis and never invited to learn out of the classroom while the biological sciences must be in accordance with what that exist in nature because, in high school biology is the science subjects in which students are required to understand the biological concepts and develop reasoning power to solve the problems facing everyday.


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